Quick Laughs

13 07 2008

Blonde Special!

For a few Days, We will be going over our Blonde Jokes! We’ll start with a few old ones, before getting to the new ones! Here is the 2nd…

What do you do If a blonde throws a pin at you?

Run! She’s got a Grenade in her Mouth!

Please dont be offended if you are blonde, we dont mean you any harm (apart from that pin we just threw at you…hehehe) and just hope this cheers you up!

The Coming Soon Page will still be Released on the 17th! Or maybe Late night on the 16th!



Quick Laughs

13 07 2008

Blonde Special!

For a few Days, We will be going over our Blonde Jokes! We’ll start with a few old ones, before getting to the new ones! Here is the first…

How do you make a Blonde laugh on Saturday?

Tell them a Joke on Wednesday!

Please do not be offended by any of these jokes, especially if you Are a blonde, we know you have the brain capacity of any regular monkey (How long did it take you to notice that?)

The coming Soon Page is Coming Soon, or just July 17th! Wohoooo!


English Exam Marking Scheme

11 07 2008

This is how to get full marks in ANY English Exam…

1 Have neat and Fancy Handwriting [10 marks]

2 In every essay write at the bottom a ‘Thanks You’ note to the teacher, saying how you couldnt have possibly written this without them [20 Marks]

3 Dont use highligters/vivids ect [2 marks]

4 Recite exactly what the teacher says in class

5 Include your teaches favourite type of tea/hobvby or sport [5 marks]

6 Have parents who are their bosses [100 marks]

7 Write Poshly, and pretend you are English [10 marks]

8 Do what you are supposed to do on the Test [1 mark]

9 Write ‘DONT DO DRUGS’ somewhere in your paper [4 marks]

10 Use long words [15 marks]

Hope this helps you in any upcoming tests or exams!

Will Work For Beer

Sports and their REAL uses!

5 07 2008

You might see no reason for sports, but this little guide will prove you wrong and make you wanna go outside and play, just like when you were younger,  from 90 years ago to ever since you found this blog and wasted your life reading this…

Tennis, BaseBall and Cricket:The Sole Joy of imagining your boss’ head as the ball. Batter Up! He hits it, Home Run! (and just hit the ball as hard as you can in tennis)

Rugby, American Football: The governemnts way of re enacting gladiator fights!

Soccer: Two Words; Sliding Tackle!

Table Tennis, Badminton, Wii anything: “Oops. I didnt mean to let go of the racket. And i definetely didnt mean for it to hit you there

RaceCars: Drifts, skids and CRASHES! Yeah Baby!

Water Polo: Piggybacks in the water can really effect wheather you are gonna drown or not…

Skiing, SnowBoarding: Block up the jumps or ramps! Or slide full speed into other people! And havent you always wanted a foot extention to kick people far away from you?

I hope this gets you back outside, even if your neighbour mysteriously dissapears or your boss was found on the other side of the Sahara Desert…Blame it on the Govenment!

Will Work For Beer

10 Stupid Ways to Save Money!

3 07 2008

Please, Dont try ANY of these! We hold no responsibility for

  • Angry Wives
  • Bad vegetables
  • Gas Bills
  • The Environment
  • Getting Fat
  • Being a Hobo
  • Mad Cow Disease (we are serious)

1 Travel all across the city in your car buying the cheapest of everything in at least 30 different shops. Make sure they are all far away. Dont think about your gas (petrol) bill.

2 Keep the lights off at all times. Dont even go on the computer. Stop Reading This!

3 Eat less. Alot Less (DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!)

4 Grow your own vegetables. Use cheap products that never work.

5 Go to McDonalds. Their Food is cheaper. (DO NOT TRY THIS EITHER!)

6 Dont Buy a house. Live on the street.

7 Quit Smoking. This one actually Works!

8 Wash things by hand. Itll take so much time you probably wont get your work done.

9 Get rid of your insurance.

10 Live in the Country. The only part of this that doesnt work is finding a job.

Yes, if you have notised things being changed on the site, we are updating it. Like you may have guesses, it is ‘Coming Soon’

Quick Laughs

1 07 2008

Here is the NEW Joke of the Month! Enjoy!

A Girl walked into a room and asked her mother “Mum, Why am I called Coffee?” The mother replied “because I spilt some coffee on your head when you were born” She walks away, satisfied. Then another girl comes in and asks ” Mum, Why am I called Milk?” Again, the mother answers “because I spilt some milk on your head when you were born” She walks away, also happy with the answer. Then the last girl walks in and asks her mother “ugg ugghhh uh…?”. Her Mother replies “oh, Shut Up Fridge!”

This has been added to Our ‘Quick Laughs’ Page!

Will Work For Beer

Ok, Ok! If you want to know about the coming soon page, well its coming soon. There is a clue about it somewhere one the site (No, its not the password) but I am not revealing where until, well, its soon and Ill un pass protect it!

My LolCatz

30 06 2008

Just a few LolCatz I created here To show you.

Hai! Wer iz penny?  stuped hoomanz..

dont worry  Dog wil take gud care of yoo

Hope you enjoyed these

Will Work For Beer