Things to do in a Lift 11-20

7 05 2010

This is a small compilation of the things to do in a lift. We now have over 45 different things, so be sure to visit the whole list here.

11 Explain to the other passengers that you are invisible.

12 Explain to the Wall your plans of World Domination

13 Attempt to sell your invisible items to the other passengers

14 Try teach the other passengers Chinese (or any other language) correct their pronounciation for any tiny mistake.

15 Tap dance while singing im a little tea pot over and over

16 Make loud farting noises and blame it on other passengers. Used best when Its only you and one other person

17 Convince people that you are the Real Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter

18 Attempt to sell 10 cents for 5 dollars.

19 Ask for a disabled seat

20 Spit on your hand and ask to shake other peoples

Have a suggestion? Comment!


Quick ‘Things to Do In An All Purpose Store’

29 06 2008

Here is a breif adaptation of the ‘Things to Do in an All Purpose Store’, found at

Try to purchase individual products (Works well with grapes and individual sale cola)

Hide in the changing rooms, with the door half open. If anyone walks in scream “Do You Mind!”

Make your own ‘Try Me’ Signs

Use a security camera as a mirror to scratch your self

Hide empty beer bottles in the Staff Only Zones

Hope you enjoyed these things to do, but make sure nobody you know is around when you try these!

Will Work For Beer

Pawn Game Review

1 06 2008

This online game is AWESOME! Its a bit glitchy and laggy, but is a lot of fun. I cant guarantee youll love it, and will get boring after a while, but is still good. Find it for Free at . It is a basic 2 d online shooting game, and you can play with your friends if you organise it, and make passwords so no nosy people can join! 3/5

If you see a person called KittyPitty or KittyP., drop by and say hi before shooting me to smithereens!

If I make a game, it will always be called pawnerz or willworkforbeer so come ON and play!


Lol, This is WillWorkForBeer, this isnt really my sort of game, but I guess its ok. Will get boring quick. And…Im a noob which makes things worse. I wont be on alot but if you see someone called drunkdestroyer, stop and chat!

A Few things to do on a Lift

29 04 2008

For the people who dont have time to read the ‘things to do in a lift’ page with all of these and more. 

Do the Chicken Dance

Call The Psychic Hotline and ask what floor they think Youre on

Convince people that you are the real Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter

Argue with yourself

Meditate in the Middle of the elevator (works best whith lost of people)

Show Off Your Karate Skills

Place a box on the elavator and hide a battery operated, loud ticking clock.

If you have time, visit our whole page about them, its on the sidebar.

Will Work For Beer