15 08 2008

Because of the olympic/competition sort of mood, I’d like to hold a little compertition. Here is what you do…

There are 3 possible entries for each person, and you are allowed to choose which ones you want to do.

All you have to do is think up something that would fit into one of the ‘Things to do’ Pages, comment it, you are allowed one for each of your 3 entries. The best will be displayed on a post, with your name and (optional) blog, and will also be put into the ‘things to do’ page! So if you think about it, there can be up to 6 winners!

Just in case you are confsed, here is an example of ow to do this

My Entry (Not Counted in Contest)

Name: Willworkforbeer

Blog: This one (click here)

My 3 entries

All Purpouse Store: Sell your own food

In Class: Fart Loudly

To embarrass parents: Sniff your dogs butt.


Have fun!