Site Changes

7 07 2008

This isnt really going to make you laugh, but we are going through some SITE CHANGES! Yay! Now, while visiting our site, you may experience nausea, slight dizziness, vomiting and seisures. If something isnt in the Right place, dont worry too much, we are trying different things.

But this is something WE need to know from YOU.

Comment and tell us weather we should keep our reviews page, or relace it with something else. (Not telling what!) *Burning Suspense*

Keep in mind the Coming Soon feature is still coming soon. We have left a clue somewhere on the site to give you an idea of what we have in mind…




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7 07 2008

Edited by WillWorkForBeer: No Advertising!

Soccergirlmcq đŸ™‚

P.S. I like the light up header that is cool~!!!!!!!!!!~

7 07 2008

what the heck no advertising I was letting you know about it and everyone else who reads this post, distracting them and leaving n annoying smap message

7 07 2008

can you please go to no advertising! Its really annoying! If you want me to look at it, look at the Links page! It is a new blog me and my friend made and it only has 19 hit!!!! So can you please go there and leave some comments!!!!


8 07 2008

hey i said yes to to thew activity page just to let you know.

8 07 2008
Will Work For Beer


8 07 2008


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