Sports and their REAL uses!

5 07 2008

You might see no reason for sports, but this little guide will prove you wrong and make you wanna go outside and play, just like when you were younger,  from 90 years ago to ever since you found this blog and wasted your life reading this…

Tennis, BaseBall and Cricket:The Sole Joy of imagining your boss’ head as the ball. Batter Up! He hits it, Home Run! (and just hit the ball as hard as you can in tennis)

Rugby, American Football: The governemnts way of re enacting gladiator fights!

Soccer: Two Words; Sliding Tackle!

Table Tennis, Badminton, Wii anything: “Oops. I didnt mean to let go of the racket. And i definetely didnt mean for it to hit you there

RaceCars: Drifts, skids and CRASHES! Yeah Baby!

Water Polo: Piggybacks in the water can really effect wheather you are gonna drown or not…

Skiing, SnowBoarding: Block up the jumps or ramps! Or slide full speed into other people! And havent you always wanted a foot extention to kick people far away from you?

I hope this gets you back outside, even if your neighbour mysteriously dissapears or your boss was found on the other side of the Sahara Desert…Blame it on the Govenment!

Will Work For Beer




2 responses

6 07 2008

LOL FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you own like the funneist blog EVER!!!!!!!!!!11 wow its amazing how people have such good talent like you workforbeer and anyone else that works for this site!

30 07 2008

your sites amazing!!! Can you please look at my new site? its Please leave comments on how to make it good! Thanks!

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