Blogging Tips

4 07 2008

Since we have had our 150th comment anniversary (youll find that comment somewhere on this site) and This is our 5oth Post, I decided to give a few hints to fellow bloggers, to celebrate this pointless anniversary!

1 Leave understanding comments on other people’s sites. You could start right here right now (asking, why?)

2 Dont use 160000 tags. They dont get including in the tag surfer. Its best to stick with around 1000 (Just Kidding, around 10 will work)

3 Sign up to websites like blogcatalog, blogsatwar and Links pages

4 DoNt TaLk LikE tHiS or tttthhhhiiiisssss , deffenetelii not dis

  • or
  • even
  • this

5 Post alot

6 View (Highly Reccommended!!!!)

Thats all, another pointless anniversary, come and gone.


Will Work For Beer




5 responses

4 07 2008

Thx (I guess)

4 07 2008

was it from my sister, puppyscruffy lol. Also i know this is stupid, but what are tags?

4 07 2008
Will Work For Beer

When you finish a post, at the bottom (Where you write it) there will be a thing called tags. You write different ones depending n your posts (eg Animals, animal, duck) But only about 6. Save, then people who search any of those tags on the tag surfer will see it and may look at your blog. DONT use tags you dont have though, people get angry.

5 07 2008

What do u mean don’t use tags????? tags rock!!!

5 07 2008
Will Work For Beer

I said dont use 10000 tags, too many will take you off the tag surfer

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