Things to Do With Gullible Children: Preview!

15 06 2008

We are currently making a ‘Things to do with Gullible Children’ Page, after our sucsess with our test trial. This post will show the trial, plus a few more, all to be in the NEW PAGE!

1 Tell them that if they stand balanced on their head, on the floor without any support, the easter bunny will come.

2 Give them a pet rock. Make sure they introduce themselves.

3 Pretend you are talking to invisible fairies in the garden, get your children to play with them.

4 Dress up as Santa. Tell them theyve been a bad boy/girl and no presents this year (this will get them to behave well)

5 Find an open sewage or gutter. Tell them that it leads to candyland.

6 Pretend to eat something that says ‘High Voltage’ Invite them to try it too.

7 Tell them there are no such things as hanuted things or Ghost. Dress up like a Huge TV. At night, while they are at bed, Warn them to stay away, FOR EVER!

8 Give them a jellybean. Tell them it was magical, and they now have the power to Run (Not Walk) Through Walls!

This is a preview of the new page, Hopefully coming out soon!

Will Work For Beer




One response

15 06 2008

This is SO funny!!! I should try to get my little sister to do this!!! Im replying to the comment you left on my site, about seeing who your competition is, I posted the other site today. Check it out

-Drfooflegoo :mrgreen:

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