President Rock

12 06 2008

Clinton, Obama. Clinton, Obama. Clinton, Obama. Move out of the Way! We,re voting for…

President Rock!

If you are eager for a way out, but dont want to risk voting for the next George Bush, why not vote president rock? His decisions wont affect anyone!

No More War! President Rock wont declare war, no matter how hard other countries try!

Less Taxes! President Rock doesnt need money to buy fancy houses and giggling girlfriends!

Less Pointless Decisions! President Rock wont appoint anyone as “Vice Super Extra President Of Novelty Items”

Good Environment! President Rock loves the Environment! And unlike other presidents, he would prefer the Earth saying alive for at least a few more years! And for those of you who have been listening to other politics, thats a GOOD thing!

Less Badly Spent Money! President Rock wont waste money and paper making stupid ads like this one!

Use Convinient Methods! President Rock will use convinient Methods to get his point across to you, not Pointless blogs like this One!

So Vote President Rock, Do the Right Thing!




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