Technology and what it Helps me Realise…

9 06 2008

A few things Technology has taught me over the past few years…

1 Before you complain about any malfunctioning technology, Make SURE you hit the ‘on’ Switch

2 You dont have to fix your toaster with a fork. And next time, Unplug it first.

3 If you lose the remote, you can get up and walk to the TV to change channel!

4 When boxing with the Nintendo wii, Getting closer to the Wii wont help. Unless you want your TV destroyed.

5 You dont have to shout as loud as you can to make sure the other person hears you on the phone anymore.

6 The TV ‘mute’ Button does NOT work on siblings/parents or children

7 You can experience guns without enlisting in the army!

8 During commercials, you can get up and stretch instead of listening to the constant ‘BUY NOW!!!!!!’

9 Dont buy tamagochis unless you dont have a life. Seriously.

10 You dont have to stare at useless blogs to get this sort of information, you can discover for yourself. But this is easier. In the comfort of the Screen…ahhhhhh.

Will Work For Beer

Ps: Dont worry, Im not old. Just Kidding, or whatever you young ‘uns say nowdays…




3 responses

9 06 2008

Hey willworkforbeer. The way you win is by me choosing. In the future i might take votes when i get more hits. Heres what i grade on:

-Funiness (if all blogs in the competition are suppose to be funny)


-If you want to re-visit the site again

-how much you get your viewers into your site (like asking to leave comments about it and how to improve it)

-what the site is mainly about

i hope that this helped!!!

Drfooflegoo :mrgreen:

13 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

The wii one is hilarious!

27 06 2008

The Wii one is the best. ;D
Kinda like how our parents used to tell us that jumping around the room with a Playstation controller in our hands will not make Crash Bandicoot move any quicker.

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