Preview: Things To Do With Gullible Children

8 06 2008

Here is a little list of things to do with gullible children. If you loike this, Comment saying so, and I will make a page about it.

1 Tell them that if they stand balanced on their head, on the floor without any support, the easter bunny will come.

2 Give them a pet rock. Make sure they introduce themselves.

3 Pretend you are talking to invisible fairies in the garden, get your children to play with them.

4 Dress up as Santa. Tell them theyve been a bad boy/girl and no presents this year (this will get them to behave well)

5 Find an open sewage or gutter.Tell them that it leads to candyland

If you like this and want to see more, Comment! I may make a page about this but want to know your opinions!

Will Work For Beer




7 responses

8 06 2008

Here are some I’ve used on my own little nose miners.

Go play in the highway.
Go play in the hot hot hot sun without your hat and…
Go wait for the bus, on that ant hill…yes…that’s right…sit down and wait.

8 06 2008
Will Work For Beer

lol. Is this any good?

8 06 2008
terminalrant funny..

But the anthill is a lil too much, dontcha think?

btw, I think kids have become way too smart to be falling for that..

8 06 2008

hey come on wut is dis. its holarious and can bring kids back on line but r u trying ot kill them . HAHA 😀 Here’s one more. tell dem if they behave well d kids fairy will coem and give dem wut they want
tell u have a surprise for them tomo and will give it only if they obey u.

9 06 2008

Hey Willworkforbeer!!! When i get new submissions for my site, you’ll be compteing against them. So far you only have 1 competator. I will announce the winner at the end of this month. I hope this helps!!

-Drfooflegoo :mrgreen:

9 06 2008
Will Work For Beer

ok, Lets do this! lol. I wanna be on top! how do you judge this? is it your choice or is it voted?

26 06 2008


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