English Exam Marking Scheme

5 06 2008

Thuis is how to get full marks in ANY English Exam…

1 Have neat and Fancy Handwriting [10 marks]

2 In every essay write at the bottom a ‘Thanks You’ note to the teacher, saying how you couldnt have possibly written this without them [20 Marks]

3 Dont use highligters/vivids ect [2 marks]

4 Recite exactly what the teacher says in class

5 Include your teaches favourite type of tea/hobvby or sport [5 marks]

6 Have parents who are their bosses [100 marks]

7 Write Poshly, and pretend you are English [10 marks]

8 Do what you are supposed to do on the Test [1 mark]

9 Write ‘DONT DO DRUGS’ somewhere in your paper [4 marks]

10 Use long words [15 marks]

Hope this helps you in any upcoming tests or exams!

Will Work For Beer




3 responses

5 06 2008

please come to http://www.blogsatwar.wordpress.com. Thanks!

-Drfooflegoo :mrgreen:

13 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Liked the 6 one!

18 06 2008

Hilarious! But, it would not work with me! I have the reputation of being one of the toughest markers (French teacher)… actually only a big puppy love smile from a student has the power to (maybe!) soften me! Try it some day!

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