Pawn Game Review

1 06 2008

This online game is AWESOME! Its a bit glitchy and laggy, but is a lot of fun. I cant guarantee youll love it, and will get boring after a while, but is still good. Find it for Free at . It is a basic 2 d online shooting game, and you can play with your friends if you organise it, and make passwords so no nosy people can join! 3/5

If you see a person called KittyPitty or KittyP., drop by and say hi before shooting me to smithereens!

If I make a game, it will always be called pawnerz or willworkforbeer so come ON and play!


Lol, This is WillWorkForBeer, this isnt really my sort of game, but I guess its ok. Will get boring quick. And…Im a noob which makes things worse. I wont be on alot but if you see someone called drunkdestroyer, stop and chat!




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