Bringing Back the Pet Rock

30 05 2008

Tired of Noisy, Messy Animals? Try a New Pet Rock! Your Kids Will Love It!

Pet Rocks don’t need much, just a loving home. Ideal for kids who are a bit reckless because pet Rocks wont bite or get squashed. They are Very Calm but Shy. It migh take a while for them to get familiar with you. They don’t need to be fed much, or anything at all! Life expectancy of A Very Long Time.


How do I know If my Pet Rock is dead or Alive? You Wont!

What should I feed it? Anything, apart from hammers, diamond and hard things. Invisible things work well. So does Nothing.

So What are you waiting For? Get Your Pet Rock Now!

Stock Wont Last!

Buy Now!

Buy Now!

Be the First!

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Dont Delay!

Limited Stock!

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Will Work For Beer




4 responses

31 05 2008

i alredy hav 1 i named him paublo

1 06 2008

I Love Pet Rocks!!!

5 06 2008

This is such a hilarious idea. But, for kids it may work. they’ll really drink in every word we say abt a pet stone 😛 THis gave me a real laugh. U don’t need any tips for blogging. Ur doing great 😀

7 06 2008

Pet rocks huh? Yeah. Maybe that’ll help get my kid sister off my back…

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