10 Worst Pick (hook) Up Lines

11 05 2008

1 Soo….You’re a Girl huh?

2 I like you. Period. Now shut up and get in the Car.

3 I’m a boy! (or Girl)

4 *Really loud, fake sigh, while putting your arm around her/him/it*

5 If you come Ill buy you something….

6 Pretty please? With sugar on top?

7 I dont bite!

8 Well back in the war, any girl would’ve come with me

9 I have fluffy pink crocs!

10 Speak ‘I Love You’ in another, unromantic language.




One response

11 05 2008
For Prez '24

I think 1 would work if you managed to come off cute with it but there is plenty of room for error. 10 could work even with unromantic languages assuming the person speaks your preference for using it, bonding over a love of Klingon culture maybe? I’ll agree most of the other ones wouldn’t be funny/cute in any one’s arsenal.

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