Quick Funny Pics

3 05 2008



Just a few funny pics to keep your spirits up.

  Uh Oh

 I know judo, Dont try it!

 George Bush is on TV again.

The pics were form other sites, found on google images but we made the captions

KittyPitty and Will Work For Beer




4 responses

4 05 2008

willworkforbeer im not on you blogroll anymore i thought we made a deal that we would both keep eachother on our blogrolls! if you dont add me you will be off my site in a flash!

4 05 2008
Will Work For Beer

But I wasnt on your blogroll? How is thatm fair

4 05 2008

well anyway if you read my widgets you have to have at least 100 hits which you dont yet! so until you have 1000 hits your not gonna be on my blogroll! but you will always stay on my your links page! so as soon as you get 1000 hits your gonna be on my blogroll which means i have to be on yours!

5 05 2008
Will Work For Beer

Ok sounds good

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