10 Stupid Ways To Save Money

28 04 2008

Please, Dont try ANY of these!

1 Travel all across the city in your car buying the cheapest of everything in at least 30 different shops. Make sure they are all far away. Dont think about your gas (petrol) bill.

2 Keep the lights off at all times. Dont even go on the computer. Stop Reading This!

3 Eat less. Alot Less (DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!)

4 Grow your own vegetables. Use cheap products that never work.

5 Go to McDonalds. Their Food is cheaper. (DO NOT TRY THIS EITHER!)

6 Dont Buy a house. Live on the street.

7 Quit Smoking. This one actually Works!

8 Wash things by hand. Itll take so much time you probably wont get your work done.

9 Get rid of your insurance.

10 Live in the Country. The only part of this that doesnt work is finding a job.

11 Marry a rich Chick (idea by aniche)




3 responses

28 04 2008

what about marrying a rich chick?

28 04 2008

i’ll probably agree with no.7 😉

28 04 2008
Will Work For Beer

Yup no7 works, Marrying a Rich Chick would work even better!

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