27 04 2008

School is creeping back to us all… And its not good. I just dont want to go back. It seems like alot of bull. Sitting there, copying stuff down from the board and expected to study it. The only part I look forward to is the, next holiday. And my friends. I guess its life. Being stuck in one little room, listening to stuff you’ll never need and trying to stay awake. The sickest thing is the people who pay attention, who study and comliment the teachers, for sucsessfully wasting away our lives. Homework is just a way of keeping us good. So is school. I read an article a few days ago about anti schooling, i wouldnt learn much but thats what I want. No Rules, more freedom and Better Food. But I guess It wouldnt be that good. Either way, Ive still gotta go to school.

Will Work For Beer




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27 04 2008

i know right =/

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