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25 04 2008

This is our section where we review Comedy Movies.

Super Hero Movie: Recently I watched Super Hero Movie it was very funny and definitely worth watching. A must see and I loved it. The movie ran for one and a half hours which was a bit short for me. I recomend not bringing a drink because it will come out of your nose, as you laugh so hard. I give this movie a 4/5. It is Rated M for Sexual References, Violence and Offensive Language

Borat: Another funny movie is Borat. I didn’t watch it in the cinema’s but enjoyed watching it. it had some inappropriate scenes and is a decent length of time. I gave this movie A 3/5 it is rated R16 for Violence, Offensive Language and Scenes that May Disturb    

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3 responses

25 04 2008

Hey… I can help you out at anytime! Just comment me and I’ll comment back!I love your site! I started to watch Super Hero Movie, but it had a few things in it that made me turn it off (I watched it online) I love the part where his uncle dies and everybody is by the juggling monkey!

26 04 2008

Hey! It’s drkshadow17. Sorry that I replied SO late. Here’s a few tips:

How to get more hits:

1. Ask to be on peoples blogroll (I’ll add you to mine as soon as possible.)

2. You can ask to be on their ‘your links’ page. or

Also, your site is pretty funny! You can also add YouTube videos. Go onto and type in ‘The Gummy Bear song’, it’s funny and comes in different languages!

7 11 2009

that movie Borat is so funny i love it

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