Quick Laughs

24 04 2008

For the people out there who dont have time to look through our hilarious pages, We have made a quick laughs joke, just to keep your spirits high. The Joke this Time is…

Three Blondes on a desert Island…

There were three blondes stuck on a desert island. Their Fancy cruise boat had crashed but they were only 2km from shore. They couldnt stand being without their make up so they decided to go and get it. The First blonde swam 1/4 of the way then drwoned. The second blonde managed to swim 1/2 the way, then drowned. then the third blonde swam 3/4 of the way, got tired and swam back to the island.

If there is anything you would like to suggest for this site, please feel free to comment.

Thats All Folks (Looney Tunes)

Will Work For Beer!




One response

24 04 2008

this is so funny

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