English Marking Scheme

8 05 2010

This is how to get full marks in ANY English Exam…

1 Have neat and Fancy Handwriting [10 marks]

2 In every essay write at the bottom a ‘Thanks You’ note to the teacher, saying how you couldnt have possibly written this without them [20 Marks]

3 Dont use highligters/vivids ect [2 marks]

4 Recite exactly what the teacher says in class

5 Include your teaches favourite type of tea/hobvby or sport [5 marks]

6 Have parents who are their bosses [100 marks]

7 Write Poshly, and pretend you are English [10 marks]

8 Do what you are supposed to do on the Test [1 mark]

9 Write ‘DONT DO DRUGS’ somewhere in your paper [4 marks]

10 Use long words [15 marks]

Hope this helps you in any upcoming tests or exams!

Will Work For Beer


The Solution to all our Problems

7 05 2010


President Rock!

If you are eager for a way out, but dont want to risk voting for the next George Bush, why not vote president rock? His decisions wont affect anyone!

No More War! President Rock wont declare war, no matter how hard other countries try!

Less Taxes! President Rock doesnt need money to buy fancy houses and giggling girlfriends!

Less Pointless Decisions! President Rock wont appoint anyone as “Vice Super Extra President Of Novelty Items”

Good Environment! President Rock loves the Environment! And unlike other presidents, he would prefer the Earth saying alive for at least a few more years!

Less Badly Spent Money! President Rock wont waste money and paper making stupid ads like this one!

So Vote President Rock, Do the Right Thing!

Things to do in a Lift 11-20

7 05 2010

This is a small compilation of the things to do in a lift. We now have over 45 different things, so be sure to visit the whole list here.

11 Explain to the other passengers that you are invisible.

12 Explain to the Wall your plans of World Domination

13 Attempt to sell your invisible items to the other passengers

14 Try teach the other passengers Chinese (or any other language) correct their pronounciation for any tiny mistake.

15 Tap dance while singing im a little tea pot over and over

16 Make loud farting noises and blame it on other passengers. Used best when Its only you and one other person

17 Convince people that you are the Real Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter

18 Attempt to sell 10 cents for 5 dollars.

19 Ask for a disabled seat

20 Spit on your hand and ask to shake other peoples

Have a suggestion? Comment!

Justin Bieber. Love of Hate Him? RESULTS.

4 05 2010


No, not really. We just dont see what the fuss is about. He’s just a singer, who happens to have the Most Beautiful …I need some time alone to think about him. Please continue hating him in my absence.

New Links Page

4 05 2010

We have deleted our ‘Links’ page, as most of the blogs there are currently dead, or we have lost contact. For your blog to come back to the links, please leave a message, and we will check for the requirements.


5 ways to Trick your friends

27 05 2009

1. Pretend you have a twin, then do heaps of things you’d never do when they knew it was you

2. For their birthday, give them a huge box, but with a dollar coin inside.

3.  Laugh and point behind them during their speech, until they tiurn around

4. Tie their laces together

5. Put a disgusting song (eg Mika Grace Kelly) on their Ipod and name it as a song they love.


15 08 2008

Because of the olympic/competition sort of mood, I’d like to hold a little compertition. Here is what you do…

There are 3 possible entries for each person, and you are allowed to choose which ones you want to do.

All you have to do is think up something that would fit into one of the ‘Things to do’ Pages, comment it, you are allowed one for each of your 3 entries. The best will be displayed on a post, with your name and (optional) blog, and will also be put into the ‘things to do’ page! So if you think about it, there can be up to 6 winners!

Just in case you are confsed, here is an example of ow to do this

My Entry (Not Counted in Contest)

Name: Willworkforbeer

Blog: This one (click here)

My 3 entries

All Purpouse Store: Sell your own food

In Class: Fart Loudly

To embarrass parents: Sniff your dogs butt.


Have fun!